About this Website

Enjoy your Japanese Eats the Smart Way

There are so many Japanese foods to try – sushi, roasted fish, tempura, soba, ramen, and more! goodie foodie online media showcases how to enjoy your Japanese eats the smart way. Please explore our website to learn tips on eating styles and etiquette, recommended dishes for different categories of restaurants, and the best ways to order.

This website includes two categories of contents.

  • How to eat

    The most effective and most polite ways to enjoy Japanese food may not be obvious for visitors. We’ve interviewed experts, from restaurant owners to etiquette specialists, and present their advice in an easy-to-understand format.

  • What to eat

    Learn how to order like a local. We explain the most popular menu items for each type of specialty restaurant, from izakaya pubs to sushi restaurants and yakitori grilleries.

Learning more about these dining techniques and etiquette will make your encounters with “Japanese eats” all the more fun and rewarding!
It is our delight to share the wonders of Japanese food with the whole world.

goodie foodie Editorial Staff